OpusFlow b.v.
Schenkeldijk 10
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 186 669 194
Email: info@opusflow.nl

VAT ID: NL807839279B01
              Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam #23092669


OpusFlow b.v. is a privately-held company based in The Netherlands located near The Port of Rotterdam which is the biggest port in Europe.
Founded in 1999 we pioneered in Exchange Server workflow and document management solutions but slowly evolved into a developer of productivity
boosting tools for Microsoft Outlook
and Exchange server. Over the years we created many custom solutions for individual companies.

We can help you with:

- Microsoft Outlook macro development.
- Microsoft Outlook
com add-in development.
- Code fragment development to integrate your existing application with Microsoft Outlook
, Exchange server or Office 365.
For example, You want to automate the actions when a certain type of email comes in. You want information from that email copied into your central SQL database,
insert it in an Excel sheet and send an email to some users with a Word document that has the client address already in it as well as the pdf brochure of the product
mentioned in the incoming email... etc. etc. With a little bit of imagination you can streamline your organization as well, prevent double work and errors automatically.

We can often provide you with a fixed price or a total cost range estimate.

For more information about our standard products please visit the individual website of each product by clicking on the product name below.

Exchange Group Calendar

Exchange Category Manager

Scan & Attach


Add-in-Fix (freeware)


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