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Add-in fix. Automatically re-enable Outlook com add-ins. (freeware)

Add-in-Fix will re-enable Outlook com add-ins directly when Outlook disables them.
As such it works around the Outlook
mechanism intended to ensure a fast and stable Outlook experience.
Add-in-Fix will also re-enable add-ins that cause problems. It does nothing permanently though. When Add-in-Fix is stopped, Outlook
is back in charge.
The reason that Add-in-Fix was developed is that Outlook
may disable add-ins that experience a one-off issue while working fine most of the time.
The user may very well be willing to accept such an occasional issue because the functionality of the offending add-in is appreciated.
If Outlook
no longer loads however, it could be due to a misbehaving add-in that Add-in-Fix re-enabled. In that case, simply stop Add-in-Fix and
restart Outlook
to make sure the problem is not caused by a rogue add-in. (Outlook will swiftly disable that add-in again and Outlook will start normally)

Installation instructions: After download, move Add-in-Fix.exe to a permanent location on your computer. Right click Add-in-Fix.exe, 
select 'Properties' and 'unblock' the file. Then run it. In the 'system tray' / 'windows
notification area' you will see it's icon visible.
Right click the icon and select 'About'. If you want to reconnect all Outlook
add-ins automatically, select the option 'Set all add-ins to active'
You may want to select 'start Add-in-Fix automatically when Windows starts' too.
(report issues, bugs, request etc here)

download Add-in-Fix here 

(Add-in-Fix is free software without viruses, advertising, spyware, call-home functionality and provided without any warranty. The Eula for the software can be found here)


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