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UnTedious for Outlook® - replaces tedious actions in Outlook® with a button click.

Download UnTedious here (free 30 days trial. Extract the zip-file and run Setup.exe)
To buy a perpetual license click here.
The price is $29.95 per user, this is a one time cost, minor upgrades are free.
The eula for the software can be found here.

UnTedious is a com add-in for the Outlook® desktop client. This means that after installation the software will be integrated in Outlook® and adds funtionality automatically.
Whenever it sees an opportunity to assist it will pop up a windows with the different options.
It offers functionality for calendar items and emails.



email to:
When the selected item is a meeting you can send an email to different combinations of people and their role or response status in the meeting. For example the meeting is tomorrow and you still did not receive a response from some of the users 'Who did not respond' and want to ask them to respond to your request.
Or maybe you want to send some additional info but only to the 'required attendees'  

FYI email
This button opens a new email with all information about the meeting, the participants, location, their response status, the meeting notes and attachments. This makes it easy to inform people about all the meeting details.

Copy appointment
Copies a single item, a recurring series of appointments/meetings, or one instance of a recurring series.
The copy includes all the notes and attachments as well as the attendees.
If the selected item is an exception item to a recurring series, a new recurring series will be created based on the properties of that exception item.
When the item is recurring you can stop the original series from recurring any further and replace future occurrences with the copy that has the same recurrence interval as the original. You can adjust the start time or interval of the copy as well as the attendees (and all other properties) and send it out as a new meeting request.

add travel time
This reserves time before and after the selected appointment or meeting. When the item is recurring you can add it to all occurrences. If the selected item already has travel time attached to it, the button changes to "remove travel time" so you can easily undo the action. Use the slider to increase the travel time duration.


Recipient count warning

It happens that users do a 'Reply to all' to an email which was sent to a great number of users while this was not intended.
It's also possible that a user selects a distribution list which contains hundreds of email addresses but they are not aware of that. UnTedious will monitor the email while it is being composed and will pop up a warning about the number of recipients that are selected.


Attachment operations

When you receive an email with one or more attachments, UnTedious will give you some handy options for them.

Print all : To print all attachments to the default printer.

Reply All:  To reply to everyone who sent and received this email while keeping one or more attachments in the email.
Optionally you can rename the attachments or click on the attachment name to color it's box red and have it excluded.

Reply: identical to Reply All except that it only replies to the sender.

Fwd: Opens a new email with all or some (renamed) attachments without a recipient in the To: field.


To report bugs, functionality request etc. click here
Letting us know how the software makes a difference is very much appreciated too!


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